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Mrryh Pouch

Dear friends, for our latest fund raising endeavor we have hand made pouches of miraculous myrrh and other blessings from the Holy Monastery of St Nicholas in Greece. Each pouch contains some of the myrrh that pours from the famous icon in the monastery and the monks hand make each pouch with prayer and reverence. These pouches are well known for performing miracles through the grace of God and His Holy Mother. This is a very rare and HUGE blessing for any household. 

To read more about the miraculous icon and gushing myrrh:


Included with each pouch is an icon of the miraculous Virgin Mary of Jerusalem, and icon of the Holy Tomb.


All items are blessed on the Holy Tomb of Christ (although it is unnecessary to bless the pouch on the Tomb, we will do still do so). 

Photographs of what's included in the pack are below. We are unable to let people choose colors as they are all made differently.

All money raised from these sales goes to the needs of our sisterhood in Jerusalem. We appreciate your support.

For customers who purchase 5 or more packs, they will receive some cotton wool that was used to clean the Holy Tomb with myrrh on Holy Saturday morning before the Litany of the Holy Fire. 


Also included in the 5 packs will be a bracelet made from the plant named "the tears of the Virgin Mary" which are grown and hand made by the nuns from the Holy Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni located in Chiliomodi, Greece.

Below you will find paypal options to buy. 


All prices include registered postage and tracking numbers.

We will have these available until the 15th December 2022 or we run out.


Please note, sometimes there is a delay with postage because of circumstances out of our control. Also a portion of the sales is allocated to the Monasteries of St Nicholas and Panagia Faneromeni as we try to help our fellow monastics.

1 Pack $59.95 USD

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2 Packs $114.95 USD

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3 Packs $169.95 USD

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4 Packs $219.95 USD

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5 Packs $249.95 USD

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