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Dear friends, for our latest fund raising endeavor we have a 33 candle bunch lit with the Holy Fire, a lambada (not lit) and an icon of the Holy Tomb in each pack. The Holy Fire is kept alight all year around in the Holy Sepulchre and is extinguished only on Holy Saturday in anticipation for the new Holy Fire of the year. Lighting candles works like Holy Water. Once lit with the Holy Fire, the flame produced after relighting the candles is considered the Holy Fire. The 33 candles are kept for personal worship and should only be lit one at a time, the entire bunch will produce a big flame that will be dangerous to extinguish. The single lambada can be used for Easter 2022. All candles are made from clean beeswax. If anyone would prefer their candles not lit with the Holy Fire or all lit including the lambada, please email us at after placing your order otherwise they will be posted as pictured. Here's a quick and not very well taken video of one of the sisters lighting the candles


All items are blessed on the Holy Tomb of Christ. 

Photographs of what's included in the pack are below.

All money raised from these sales goes to the needs of our sisterhood in Jerusalem. We appreciate your support.

For customers who purchase 5 or more packs, they will receive some cotton wool that was used to clean the Holy Tomb with myrrh on Holy Saturday morning before the Litany of the Holy Fire. This is a great blessing for any household!

Below you will find paypal options to buy. 


All prices include registered postage and tracking numbers.

Please note: Any packages that are returned to sender will be sent again however the buyer must pay the extra postage expense so that we don't have to increase overall prices with the exception if the error is on our part. A refund will be offered minus the original postage if the person does not want it resent. This rarely happens but we keep prices to a minimum and don't leave a margin for repostage.

Packages posted to Australia or NZ will be sent an extra postage charge of $20 USD as we are now redirecting all these packages through the USA. It is unlikely packages to Australia will arrive by Easter 2022.

We will have these available until the 14th of February 2022.

1 Pack $34.95 USD

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2 Packs $64.95 USD

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3 Packs $89.95 USD

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4 Packs $109.95 USD

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5 Packs $124.95 USD

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