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Dear Fathers, Mothers, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Up until 2020 we have not actively fundraised. By the end of 2020, due to the impact of covid, our financial streams that we use to support ourselves completely dried up. With the little money we have reserved, we do not only support ourselves, but also the families of our translators and especially other nuns living in Jerusalem who were totally dependent on tourists which no longer exist.

If you are able to donate, please use the paypal button below or email us. The paypal email address is

For all donations over $50 USD, the donator will receive a little myrrh that is used to clean the Holy Tomb of Jesus Christ the morning of the Holy Light/Fire (the day before Easter). It is very rare and a huge blessing.

We understand that covid hasn't just impacted us. If you are unable to donate, then we ask for your prayers instead...or both! For Mother Marianna and Sister Christina.

The other option to donate is via our youtube membership channel or buying our books and recommending them to others. 

In Christ

St George Monastery, Jerusalem.

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