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Dear friends, for our latest fund raising endeavor we have hand painted icons of Christ. We were able to organise with an iconographer in Greece for bulk prices which is why we can sell these icons so cheap (normally valued over 300 euro).


The icons are blessed on the Holy Tomb of Christ. 

All money raised from these sales goes to the needs of our sisterhood in Jerusalem. We appreciate your support.

EVERY purchase of an icon will receive some cotton wool that was used to clean the Holy Tomb with myrrh on Holy Saturday morning before the Litany of the Holy Fire. This is a great blessing for any household!

Below you will find a paypal option to buy. 


All prices include registered postage and tracking numbers.

We only have 20 icons. First in first served. This webpage will be deleted once all the icons are sold.

The icons are approx. 20cm x 15cm mounted on wood using a method to make the icons look older. They are newly hand painted.

Please note: Any packages that are returned to sender will be sent again however the buyer must pay the extra postage expense so that we don't have to increase overall prices with the exception if the error is on our part. A refund will be offered minus the original postage if the person does not want it resent. This rarely happens but we keep prices to a minimum and don't leave a margin for re-postage and some people are not picking up their parcels within 2 weeks of their arrival which means they are automatically sent back.

1 Icon $109 Euro

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