Dear friends, for our latest fund raising endeavor we have Jerusalem crosses and fylakta (small pouch) with myrrh from the Holy Relics of St Dimitri of Thessaloniki. Each 'pack' will include the cross, a fylakto and also the miraculous icon of Panagia of Jerusalem. All items are blessed on the Holy Tomb of Christ.

The significance of the fylakta is a blessing someone carries with them or puts under their pillow or even just holds and prays. This particular fylakto contains myrrh from St Dimitri's relics. One of our sisters relates the story of when she gave some of the fylakta to a family who were grieving the death of a family member two weeks after the person died. The mother put them under the pillow of all the kids for the night. The next morning, the youngest daughter who was struggling with the loss, woke up in the morning and told the mother, "I'm not sad anymore." 

Photographs of what's included in the pack are below. Please keep in mind the colours of the fylakto vary.

All money raised from these sales goes to the needs of our sisterhood in Jerusalem. We appreciate your support.

For customers who purchase 5 or more packs, they will receive some cotton wool that was used to clean the Holy Tomb with myrrh on Holy Saturday morning before the Litany of the Holy Light. This is a great blessing for any household!

Below you will find paypal options to buy. 


All prices include postage and tracking numbers.

Please keep in mind that there are postage delays because of covid so please allow 3 months for postage. Currently Australia has blocked parcels from Israel due to covid numbers. If you are in Australia and would like to order, we will hold the package for when things open up again but we are unable to put a date on when that might happen.

We will have these available until the 12th of January 2021.

1 Pack $34.95 USD

2 Packs $64.95 USD

3 Packs $89.95 USD

4 Packs $109.95 USD

5 Packs $124.95 USD