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Chapter 1 On Oaths
Chapter 2 On the Conditions of Subjective Salvation
Chapter 3 On the Seven Holy Mysteries
Chapter 4 On the Mystery of Holy Baptism
Chapter 5 On the Mystery of Holy Unction
Chapter 6 On the Mystery of Holy Communion
Chapter 7 On the Mystery of Repentance (Confession)
Chapter 8 On the Mystery of the Priesthood (Ordination)
Chapter 9 On the Mystery of Marriage (Wedding)
Chapter 10 On the Mystery of the Holy Anointing of the Sick
Chapter 11 On Disciplinary Power
Chapter 12 On the Sanctification of Objects and Nature
Chapter 13 Burning Frankincense. Anaphora. Religious Flags. Candles.
Chapter 14 On Clean and Unclean Food
Chapter 15 On Celebrating Sunday Instead of Saturday
Chapter 16 On the Date of the Second Coming of the Lord
Chapter 17 On the Kingdom of the One Thousand Years (Millennium)

Guide to the Orthodox Faith Part 3 Elder Cleopa

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