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Holy Light/Fire Video for Commercial Distribution 3

Video taken by the nuns in our monastery. Original copyright belongs to the monastery.


Video can be viewed through youtube if preview doesn't work here:


In purchasing this video, we give you permission to upload to social media as your own but you must list the receipt number in the description otherwise we will request the social media website to remove the video.


We give permission for your youtube channel to monetise the video for yourselves upon purchase. These videos are valuable because every year, on the day of the feast, it will contribute to your subscriber list increasing.


Channels have been illegally downloading our videos and we are giving people the opportunity to legally AND ethically purchase the videos.


Commerical distribution is one purchase per upload to your social media website or channel. If you want to upload to multiple websites or channels then you must purchase a copy per website or link. License per video does not expire.


License includes the right for purchaser to edit videos.

Holy Light/Fire Video for Commercial Distribution 3

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