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While Saint Nektarios is already renowned for being a wonderworker, a prolific writer, a gifted preacher, and, of course, a divinely inspired spiritual father, his artistic talents have largely remained unnoticed. Completed in 1907, while he was the Director of the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School, this collection of his own hand-drawn calligraphy, primarily in the form of the Precious and Life-giving Cross, demonstrates his devotion to Christ and his Holy Cross by means of the graphic arts. Here we are given a rare glimpse into something which gave repose and joy to the saint when he was not preoccupied with his many other duties. English translations accompany each hand-drawn piece so that, for the first time, an exceedingly broad audience can enjoy and be spiritually edified by the fruit of the saint’s pen in a uniquely different way. 

St Nektarios Volume 3 Words of Eternal Life

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