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St Nektarios Blessings

Dear friends, for this months fundraising, we have from St Nektarios (Man of God movie) - Holy Oil, Holy Water, a postcard icon, incense and a filakto (pouch) filled with cotton wool that is placed inside his Holy Skull and then made into pouches for blessings. All items are from his monastery on Aegina in Greece.

All money raised from these sales goes to the needs of our sisterhood. We appreciate your support.

Below you will find photos and paypal options to buy. 

For customers who purchase 5 or more packs, they will receive some cotton wool that was used to clean the Holy Tomb with myrrh on Holy Saturday morning before the Litany of the Holy Light. This is a great blessing for any household!

All prices include postage and tracking numbers. Please track through the Israel Post website and then your local country postal service. 

We will have these available until the 30th of July 2023 or until stocks last.  


2 Packs $64.95 USD

3 Packs $89.95 USD

4 Packs $109.95 USD

5 Packs $124.95 USD

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