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Dear Fathers, Mothers, brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are very excited to offer youtube or Patreon memberships. Youtube memberships are paid subscriptions to our youtube channel.

Due to covid, our income streams have all but been wiped out which has drastically impacted our translation ministry. All our translators are paid and are some of the best in the industry. To keep this vital ministry going, we came up with the idea of paid memberships through our youtube channel.

This is exciting because we are able to offer personal spiritual videos, audio books not made available to the public and Christian and spiritual gifts from Jerusalem.

To join the youtube paid memberships, you must click the blue join button in our channel. This button is not available on iphones therefore those users must do it through a computer.

To join our Patreon members, the link is below. The videos are the same however Patreon is cheaper as they're percentage they take is much lower than youtube:

To make things easier for our members to find these personalised videos and explain the gifts sent out, we will list all the links on this page. Please keep in mind the links to youtube are only available to our members (anyone can click the link but non members can not view the videos). We are also offering one month orders through this website for people who do not want to subscribe but would like access to a particular month's benefits.

Personal Spiritual Videos Level

Video of the Divine Liturgy from the alter

How to pray for ourselves and others

What if we don't have time for prayer?

Tour of St Mary Magdelene Russian Orthodox Monastery in Jerusalem

Tour of the Nativity Church in Bethlehem

God's will vs our will

How do WE become saints?

How to control our thoughts

Are you too old to be a monastic?

A typical unit in Jerusalem

Why novices fail in the monastery

Audio Books Level

Gerontikon Part 2 Audio book

Elder Arsenios the cave dweller FULL Audio Book

A Monastic's Lament For His Brother Who Has Fallen Into Sin by Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov FULL Audio Book

(Many of our books are also available for free through our youtube channel as a result of our members support)

Jerusalem Gift Level

ALL gifts are blessed on the Tomb of Christ

What to do with the myrrh from the Jerusalem gifts

Month 1: Myrrh used to clean the Holy Tomb of Christ on Holy Saturday, the morning before the Holy Light comes out. What video above for further explanation.

Month 2: A postcard icon of the miraculous Virgin Mary of Jerusalem.

Month 3: A pill box with the icon of the Virgin Mary of Jerusalem.

Month 4: Perfume bottle of myrrh with Holy Oil from the Sepulchre.

Month 5: Water from the Jordan River taken on the day of Theophany, taken minutes after the Patriarch blesses the waters.

Month 6: Holy Oil from Holy Unction on Holy Wednesday from the Holy Sepulchre.

Month 7: A small rock from the Holy Sepulchre embedded in wax and encased in a metal case.

Month 8: A small icon laminated with part of a flower that is from the flowers that are on the Holy Tomb for a week.

Month 9: Wooden Jerusalem Cross.

Month 10: A 12 knot prayer rope (finger rope).

Month 11: Book about the Holy Land.

Month 12: An pamphlet explanation of the Via Dolorosa (the path Jesus took when he was led to be crucified).


All funds raised are used for our translation ministry and for the needs of the sisterhood.

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